Outcry Over Death of Indian Girl, 13, After 68-Day Fast

By Neha Dasgupta NEW DELHI, Oct 9 – A children’s rights group has called for Indian police to arrest the parents of a 13-year-old girl from the minority Jain community who died after observing a religious fast for 68 days. The girl, Aradhana Samdhariya, died due to cardiac arrest on Oct. 3, a day after

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JNU Protests: To Create a Nation

India’s state apparatus is getting personal—and dissidents are bearing the brunt BY Meena Kandasamy The suicide of Dalit research scholar and student leader, Rohith Vemula, on January 17 marked a watershed moment in the anti-caste struggle in India. The factors that led to his suicide make it increasingly clear that what came to pass was an

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The Royal Treatment

Hyderabad’s Falaknuma Palace, once the home of the richest man in the world, is now a hotel even the untitled can enjoy BY Graham Boynton One of the greatest benefits of the democratization of travel is the entrée mere mortals have been given to lives and cultures that previously were inaccessible to all but a

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