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India’s Demonetisation Drive Drags Down Nepal’s Economy

By Gopal Sharma and Manoj Kumar KATHMANDU/NEW DELHI, Dec 15 – India‘s scrapping of high-value bank notes last month has dragged down economic growth in neighbouring Nepal with trade, remittances and tourist numbers all down, BMI Research, a group company of the Fitch rating agency, said on Wednesday. BMI has revised down its forecast for

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Less Money, Mo’ Problems

Originally hailed as a victory over tax cheats and swindlers, India’s radical plan to recall much of its currency could end in disaster By Jason Overdorf  On November 8, when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a surprise recall of more than 80 percent of the country’s cash in circulation, his supporters hailed the measure as

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The Men Behind Modi’s Demonetization Policy

By Arfa Shahid India made a major economic move by demonetizing 500 and 1,000 Rupee notes and introducing a new 2,000 Rupee note, but what many don’t know is that this policy was created and presented to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Arthakranti Sansthan, an NGO, founded by social activist and mechanical engineer Anil Bokil.

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