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GCC: Summer Is Coming

The Gulf’s forthcoming reforms bode well for the future BY Tarek Fadlallah The contrarian case for making tactically positive trades during Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market weakness earlier this year has been sound. It remains on track to deliver further modest gains once Ramadan is over and the traditionally slow summer season has passed. The supportive elements

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Overcoming Splits, Tunisia’s Parliament Approves New Banking Law

TUNIS, May 12 – The Tunisian parliament on Thursday approved a new banking bill to modernize financial services, a second reform called for by the International Monetary Fund after a disputed central bank law passed last month. Tunisia is under pressure from international lenders to speed up economic reforms to create jobs and growth, especially

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Davos: The Trials of Christine Lagarde

Has a French court ruined the chances of a second term for the first woman to lead the IMF? By Mirren Gidda Photographs by Lexey Swall Some say Lagarde is concerned primarily with preserving the dominant capitalist system and bolstering the rich and powerful. There is probably no population in Europe less fond of Lagarde than the Greeks. Christine Lagarde, arguably the most

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