iran contra affair

Week In History: November 23rd – November 29th

Key events that shaped our social, political and cultural history By Arfa Shahid  November 23, 1985: Terrorist Group Abu Nidal Hijacks EgyptAir Jet in Malta; 60 Killed  Three Palestinian members of the terrorist group Abu Nidal, an offshoot of Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization, hijacked EgyptAir Flight 648 enroute Cairo from Athens. The terrorists, calling themselves Egypt

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The Week in History: October 5 – October 11

Key events that shaped the region’s social, political and cultural history BY: Arfa Shahid  October 5, 1986: Iran-Contra Affair The Iran-Contra incident was a political scandal broken by Newsweek reporter Robert Patty in 1986, which shook the foundations of the second Reagan administration. The U.S. had been involved in a secret arms sale to Iran, despite

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