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Iran Says Saudis Back Terrorism After Senior Prince Attends Rebel Rally

DUBAI, July 10 – Iran on Sunday accused Saudi Arabia of backing terrorism after a senior Saudi prince, a former intelligence chief, addressed a Paris rally held by exiled Iranian rebels and told them he wanted the Iranian government to fall. Shi’ite Muslim power Iran and Saudi Arabia, bastion of Sunni Islam, are longstanding religious

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Iran Says Its Pilgrims Will Not Attend Haj in Saudi Arabia

DUBAI, May 29 – Iran’s Haj and Pilgrimage Organisation said on Sunday the country’s pilgrims would not attend the annual Muslim haj pilgrimage, blaming regional rival Saudi Arabia for “sabotage” and failing to guarantee the safety of pilgrims. Relations between the two countries plummeted after hundreds of Iranians died in a crush during last year’s

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Saudi Arabia: In The Driver’s Seat

Obama’s making nice. But it may not be enough to salvage his track record in the Gulf By Dr. Abdulkhaleq Abdulla At the beginning of his first term, U.S. President Barack Obama’s regional tour targeted Egypt in 2009, just one year prior to the outbreak of the Arab Spring. He wanted to engage in dialogue

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