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Iraqi Shiite Paramilitaries To Join Offensive To Retake Mosul

By Maher Chmaytelli BAGHDAD, April 7 – An Iraqi Shiite paramilitary group said it will join government forces preparing to fight Daesh for Mosul despite objections of politicians who fear this could instigate sectarian bloodshed in the mostly Sunni Muslim city. A much-touted government offensive to retake Iraq’s largest northern city two years after its

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Iraqi Forces Advance Towards Western Town Held by Daesh

BAGHDAD, March 31 – Iraq’s counter-terrorism forces backed by army troops and U.S.-led coalition air strikes advanced towards the western town of Hit on Thursday in an attempt to dislodge Daesh militants, the military said. A senior officer from the counter-terrorism forces, the elite U.S.-trained units which led the recapture of nearby Ramadi three months ago,

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Iraqi Army Starts Offensive in Region Around Mosul: State TV

By Isabel Coles and Saif Hameed BAGHDAD/ERBIL, Iraq, March 24 – Iraq’s armed forces started an offensive against Daesh in the northerly Nineveh province on Thursday in what a military statement described as the first stage of an operation aimed at liberating the city of Mosul. The assault was launched from the Makhmour area, to which

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