istanbul airport bombings

Turkey Sees Possible Foreign Daesh Link In Istanbul Airport Attack

By Humeyra Pamuk and Daren Butler ISTANBUL, June 30 – At least one of three suspected Daesh suicide bombers who killed 42 people at Istanbul airport is thought to be a foreigner but investigators are struggling to identify them from their limited remains, officials said on Thursday. Police detained 13 people, three of them foreigners,

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Daesh Prime Suspect After Suicide Bombers Kill 36 at Istanbul Airport

By Ayla Jean Yackley and Trevor Hunnicutt ISTANBUL, June 29 – Turkish investigators pored over video footage and witness statements on Wednesday after three suspected Daesh suicide bombers opened fire and blew themselves up in Istanbul’s main airport, killing 36 people and wounding almost 150. The attack on Europe’s third-busiest airport was one of the deadliest

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