Junaid Jamshed

After Air Crash, Pakistan Fights Over Legacy of Rock Star-Turned-Cleric

By Asad Hashim ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 – The death of Junaid Jamshed, a Pakistani rock star-turned-evangelist, in a plane crash on Wednesday has stirred debate over his legacy, raising questions that cut to the heart of Pakistan’s widening cultural schisms. Jamshed, 52, was one of Pakistan’s first rock stars before abandoning music to advocate a

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Pakistan Mourns 47 Killed in Air Crash, as Investigators Seek Answers

By Asad Hashim ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 – Pakistan on Thursday mourned the 47 victims of its deadliest plane crash in four years, among them a famed-rockstar-turned-Muslim evangelist, two infants and three foreigners, as officials sought to pinpoint the cause of the disaster. Engine trouble was initially believed responsible, but many questions remain, stirring new worries

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Social Media and Pakistan’s Rising Intolerance

By Omar R Quraishi Social media increasingly seems to be setting the mainstream agenda these days and no more so than in Pakistan, which has around 30 million Facebook users and around 3-5 million who have accounts on Twitter. Events, especially those captured on video and then uploaded on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, quickly reach

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