Two Little Girls Recently Won the “Fitnovation” Prize at their Dubai Based School for Promoting Health Lifestyle

Two little girls recently won the “Fitnovation” prize at their Dubai-based school for promoting healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. Ma’eve Murad, 7 and her sister Ilayah, 5, compiled a video of their daily healthy habits. Jumeira Baccalaureate School launched the initiative to challenge students and families to be extra aware of a healthy living.   “Schools play a vital role in teaching students skills to make healthy decisions. In order to be innovative and successful we need to make healthy choices,” Ryan Ewaskiw -JBS.

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Choking Game Riskiest When Kids Play Alone

By Lisa Rapaport – Kids who play “choking games” to achieve a euphoric high are more likely to be suicidal and face a greater risk of injury and death when they play alone, a U.S. study suggests. It’s dangerous enough in groups, but without others present to interrupt the asphyxiation children face an increased risk

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