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Lebanon: The Guessing Game

The Levant holds its breath awaiting Donald Trump’s next move By Marlene Khalife There are two main priorities, which Lebanon expects the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to tackle: eliminating Daesh, and freezing U.S. attempts to dismantle regimes in favor of creating a new map for this region; a process which his contender, Hillary Clinton, was

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Lebanon’s 13th President

How General Michel Aoun won the presidency  By Marlene Khalife  With a majority of 83 votes, 36 white papers, and cameo nominations for Zorba the Greek and Lebanese Forces MP Strida Geagea, MP Michel Aoun, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement’s (FPM) parliamentary bloc became Lebanon’s 13th president since its independence from France, seven decades

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A Headless State

Three decades later, Lebanon’s leading Christian rivals finally reconcile, but will that get the country a president? BY Nicholas Noe For most people in the Middle East, the prospect that Lebanon might finally install a president after more than a year and a half of political deadlock probably passed with little notice. After all, there are

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