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Syrians in Lebanon Hit By Arrests, Curfews and Hostility After Bombings

By John Davison BEIRUT, July 25 – Suicide bombings in Lebanon last month have prompted mass arrests, curfews and reported vigilante-style attacks directed at the large Syrian refugee population, leaving many Syrians in the country feeling fearful and cornered. The security measures are making it harder for Syrians, who already fear arbitrary arrest, to move

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Lebanese Army Gets U.S., British Aid for Defending Border With Syria

BEIRUT, April 1 – Lebanon‘s armed forces acquired three U.S. helicopters worth $26 million on Thursday to help in efforts to stop Syria’s civil war spilling over its border, along with almost $29 million of British aid as EU countries also step up their support. The Lebanese armed forces have now received a total of nine Huey

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