nuclear deal

Game of Isotopes: Are Iran’s prospects looking up?

A nuclear winter is (not) coming…just yet. Iran’s prospects are looking up By Roshanak Taghavi  LAST YEAR, the world of fantasy, much like reality, concerned itself often with the struggle for power: its use, abuse, and the mediation thereof. In the epic series Game of Thrones, petrified dragon eggs served as the weaponry of choice

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Khamenei endorses Iran nuclear deal

Reuters/Correspondent 10/22/2015 ANKARA– Iran should not give up principal elements of its atomic program until accusations of past military dimensions have been stabilized, said Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The statement comes after approving the state’s nuclear deal with world powers on Wednesday, Oct. 22. Khameni ordered the July 14 agreement to be implemented

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