Court Tags a Month Onto Former Israeli PM Olmert’s 18-month Prison Term

JERUSALEM, Feb 10 – An Israeli court on Wednesday tagged a month onto former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert‘s 18-month prison sentence for bribery after rejecting a plea bargain over an obstruction of justice charge. Olmert, 70, will begin serving his term on Monday, making him the first former head of government in Israel to go

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Israeli Court Cuts Ex-PM Olmert’s Jail Term, Clears Main Charge

By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM, Dec 29 – Israel’s top court slashed former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s prison sentence to 18 months from six years on Tuesday after overturning the main count in his 2014 bribery conviction. Olmert, 70, will begin serving his term on Feb. 15, according to live reports from the Jerusalem courtroom, making

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