Tracking the North Star

Theeb script-writer, Bassel Ghandour’s journey to film By Arfa Shahid “How do you track with the stars?” asks a Bedouin boy in the film Theeb. “Put the North Star between your eyes,” replies a stranger. And that is just what Bassel Ghandour did with his first feature film Theeb—he made it his North Star. The

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Director Hopes Oscar-Nominated Film Will Help End Pakistan Honor Killings

By Syed Raza Hassan and Krista Mahr KARACHI/ISLAMABAD, Feb 8 (Reuters) – An Oscar-winning filmmaker hopes her latest Academy Award-nominated documentary will help bring tougher laws against honor killings in Pakistan, which account for the deaths of hundreds of women and men each year. The film, which follows the story of a young woman who

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