Pakistani women

MENASA Women: Breaking Glass Ceilings

The importance of male allies in the struggle for gender parity By Arfa Shahid “We don’t give women their rights in the form of charity. Women’s rights are not at the discretion of men—they are inherent,” said Ziauddin Yousafzai, the father of Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai. I met Yousafzai ahead of his panel discussion at

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Pakistan’s First Women-Only Rickshaw Service Struggles After Just a Year

By Mubasher Bukhari LAHORE, Pakistan, March 22 – Pakistan’s first women-only rickshaw service was meant to provide its staff with a new way of gaining financial independence and its passengers with the chance of a ride without being groped and harassed by male drivers. But, after just a year in business, the “Pink Rickshaw” in

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Protecting Women in Pakistan—One Step At A Time

By Omar R Quraishi One would normally think that passage of a law empowering women and protecting them from social ills like domestic violence and stalking would be seen as a good step in any society wishing to progress. Not so in the case of a law passed recently by the legislature of Pakistan’s Punjab

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