Iranian Rappers: Protect Ya Neck

Even in exile, Iranian rappers are still chessboxin’ with the Ayatollah BY Janine Di Giovanni It could have happened almost anywhere in the world. Sporting sunglasses and flourescent sneakers, a small group of men and women danced on a rooftop to “Happy,” the hit single by Pharrell Williams. They filmed the party and uploaded the

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Nail Polish and Mascara: Beauty Brands Eye Up Iran

By Hadeel Al Sayegh and Bozorgmehr Sharafedin DUBAI, April 17 – When Dubai businesswoman Negin Fattahi-Dasmal opened the first branch of her luxurious nail salon chain in Iran this year, it was met with both excitement and scepticism among image-conscious young Iranians. Despite — or perhaps partly because of — strict Islamic dress codes, cosmetics

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Shattered Promises

Iranian filmmakers excel abroad despite theocratic censorship back home BY Roshanak Taghavi When Ayatollah Khomeini ascended to power in the aftermath of Iran’s 1979 Revolution, he promised people a new paradise on Earth: social and economic prosperity, freedom of expression for everybody, and a strong, independent nation. Amidst an atmosphere of war with Iraq and violent

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