Prince Alwaleed

How the Super Rich Spend Their Money…in the Middle East?

How the other .001 percent lives in the Middle East By Edward Mermelstein For the past two decades, an exorbitant amount of wealth has been created in the Middle East. In fact, it has been reported that in the first half of 2016, more than $10 billion flowed out of the region. The question is, where

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The Trump Show

When will the presidential hopeful’s verbal slurs end? By Leila Hatoum “He has a retarded mentality and will not win the presidency. What he said about Muslims is enough to make him fail,” Dhahi Al Khalfan, Dubai’s deputy chairman of Police and General Security said of U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump. “The international community shouldn’t

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Dubai Golf Complex Restores Trump’s Name

DUBAI, Dec 13 – A Dubai real estate firm has restored Donald Trump’s name on a $6 billion golf complex it is building with the U.S. businessman and presidential hopeful, days after taking it down following his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States. Trump prompted an uproar when he made his comments

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