Iran’s Pragmatic Rouhani Cheers Election Wins, Says Gov’t Stronger

By Samia Nakhoul TEHRAN, Feb 28  – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani earned an emphatic vote of confidence and reformist partners secured surprise gains in parliament in early results from elections that could accelerate the Islamic Republic’s emergence from years of isolation. While gains by moderates and reformists in Friday’s polls were most evident in the

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Iran Starts Election Count to Set Post-Sanctions Power Balance

By Samia Nakhoul TEHRAN, Feb 27 – Iran started counting tens of millions of votes on Saturday after hotly contested elections that could see reformists speed up Tehran’s opening to the world or long-dominant hardliners reassert the Islamic Republic’s traditional anti-Westernism. The twinned elections for parliament and a leadership body called the Assembly of Experts

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Hundreds More Candidates Allowed to Contest Iran Election

By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin DUBAI, Feb 7 – Iran’s powerful election vetting body, the Guardian Council, decided on Saturday to allow hundreds more candidates to take part in a parliamentary election this month, in a move that rekindled the hopes of reformists and moderates. A power struggle between Iranian conservatives and reformists has intensified since the

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