Robocop Joins Dubai Police to Fight Real Life Crime

DUBAI, June 1 – A robotic policeman which can help identify wanted criminals and collect evidence has joined Dubai’s police force and will patrol busy areas in the city, as part of a government programme aimed at replacing some human crime-fighters with machines. If the “Robocop” experiment is successful, Dubai Police says it wants the

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Human-Like Robot May One Day Care for Dementia Patients

By Paige Lim SINGAPORE, March 7 – With her brown hair, soft skin and expressive face, Nadine is a new brand of human-like robot that could one day, scientists hope, be used as a personal assistant or care provider for the elderly. The 1.7-metre tall Nadine was created in the likeness of its maker, Nadia

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Survey Finds Many Young People Fear Losing Their Jobs to Robots

MUNICH, Jan 18 – Four out of 10 young people believe machines will be able to do their jobs within a decade, an international survey published on Monday has found. Nearly half of young workers surveyed in Western countries said their education did not prepare them to do their jobs. The skills gap is especially

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