Roman temples

Daesh Driven Out Of Syria’s Ancient Palmyra City

By Dominic Evans BEIRUT, March 28 – Syrian government forces backed by heavy Russian air support drove Daesh out of Palmyra on Sunday, inflicting what the army called a mortal blow to militants who seized the city last year and dynamited its ancient temples. The loss of Palmyra represents one of the biggest setbacks for the ultra-hardline Islamist group since

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Syrian Army, With Russian Air Support, Advances Inside Palmyra

By Dominic Evans BEIRUT, March 27 – Syrian government forces advanced into Palmyra on Saturday with heavy support from Russian air strikes, taking control of several districts in a major assault against Daesh fighters, Syrian state media and a monitoring group said. Television footage showed waves of explosions inside Palmyra and smoke rising from buildings, as tanks and armoured

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Syria Government Says Will Restore Ancient Palmyra

By Kinda Makieh DAMASCUS, March 27 – Palmyra’s ancient Roman temples and archway, blown up by Daesh fighters last year, will be restored once Syria recaptures the city from the ultra-hardline Islamist group, the head of the antiquities authority said on Saturday. Mamoun Abdelkarim told Reuters he hoped Palmyra would be retaken within days, after government forces fought their

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