Shahbaz Taseer

Mystery Surrounds Shahbaz Taseer’s Captivity and Return

By Omar R Quraishi Shahbaz Taseer was a high-profile kidnapping victim in Pakistan — missing for almost five years after he was abducted a few hundred meters from his home in an affluent neighborhood in the city of Lahore on August 26, 2011. His case was major news in Pakistan because in January the same year,

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Kidnapped Son of Slain Pakistani Governor Rescued From Captors

ISLAMABAD, March 8 – The kidnapped son of a Pakistani governor who was murdered for criticising blasphemy laws was freed on Tuesday, a week after his father’s killer was executed, authorities said. Shahbaz Taseer, in his 30s, had been missing for more than four years since he was abducted from his car in Lahore, just months

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