Suspect Held Over Bomb Attack Dies in Bahraini Jail: Media

DUBAI, July 31 – A Bahraini suspect held for questioning in connection with a bomb attack that killed a woman in late June has died in prison, a local newspaper reported on Sunday, while another news website has suggested he may have died under torture. The interior ministry said in a statement that a detainee

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Iraq ‘n’ Roll: How Ramadi Was Won

They passed a big test in  Anbar, ousting Daesh from the provincial capital, but Baghdad’s security forces have a long way to go By Jane Arraf Almost a month after Iraqi special forces reclaimed Ramadi from Daesh, Iraqi troops are still patrolling the streets and clearing booby-trapped buildings. “Real estate office” reads a hand-lettered metal

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Iraq: The Last Resort

For Sunnis who have fled Daesh in Iraq, sanctuary is hard to find  BY Naina Bajekal Photographs by Moises Saman Not long ago, Lake Habbaniya was a place for weddings and honeymoons, beach parties and family picnics. Just a few hours’ drive west of Baghdad, the lake became a top vacation spot after a luxury resort

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