soviet union

Arab Youth and the Bleak Future That Awaits

By Amro Zakaria Abdu Twenty-five years ago the Berlin Wall fell, ushering an end to the Soviet Union and the genesis of a “New World Order” as described by George Bush Sr during his address to the U.S. congress in 1991. As a result, many countries, particularly in the Arab region, lost significant political stature and

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The Russian Fighters of Daesh

By Margarita Antidze and Maria Tsvetkova BIRKIANI, Georgia/MOSCOW, July 4 – In 2012, Tarkhan Batirashvili set off from his home in ex-Soviet Georgia on a journey that would pave the way to last week’s suicide attack on Istanbul airport. “He told me: ‘Father, I should find my own way in life. This country does not

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The Undesirables of Russia

Russia’s 12.5 million disabled people are rarely seen in public—and some Russians prefer it that way BY Marc Bennetts “I don’t want to look at children in wheelchairs!” shouted one distraught woman at a tense public meeting in eastern Siberia late last year. “I can’t do anything to help them, and I can’t look at them and

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