U.N. Warns of Hunger in Homs as Syrian Offensive Strands 120,000

GENEVA, Feb 11 – A military offensive by Syrian government and allied forces has cut off 120,000 people in the northern Homs governorate since mid-January, worsening hunger and killing patients unable to get to medical care, a U.N. report said on Thursday. “There are reports of increasingly acute shortages of food, basic commodities, medical items

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Despite Libya Urgency, Hurdles to Quick Action Against Daesh

By Phil Stewart, Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay WASHINGTON, Feb 6 – The United States and its allies are probably many weeks or even months away from launching a new military campaign against Daesh in Libya, despite mounting concern about the group’s spread there and its attacks on oil infrastructure, U.S. officials say. The Pentagon

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U.S., Allies Conduct 31 Strikes in Syria, Iraq Against Daesh

WASHINGTON, Nov 10: A U.S.-led coalition conducted 15 strikes against the Islamic State in Syria on Monday, hitting the militant group with bomber, fighter, attack and drone aircraft, the U.S. military said on Tuesday. Forces concentrated on Daesh’s oil supply near Dayr Az Zawr, where six strikes hit gas and oil separation plants and pump

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