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2027: England and Wales Submit Application for EU Membership

Exclusive to Newsweek Middle East: BY Sultan Al Qassemi February 26 2027 England and Wales submit application for EU Membership Almost nine years after withdrawing from the European Union, Sadiq Khan, the Prime Minister of the Union of England and Wales yesterday submitted an official request to Brussels to join the European Union. Last November

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For Art’s Sake

An art exhibit in Sharjah reflects the course of a short century BY Leila Hatoum Different art appeals to different people. Many are attracted by colors and techniques used to create an art piece while for some, an artist’s name is enough of an appeal. I am charmed by the story behind the painting; the

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Pressing Matters: Media Coverage and the Arab Gulf States

Is the Western media biased in its reporting of Gulf affairs? By Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi   Over the past few years Western media’s negative coverage of the Arab Gulf states has increased so much that it is starting to look more like a rite of passage for some journalists and news organisations. Meanwhile, what’s notable

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