Iraq ‘n’ Roll: How Ramadi Was Won

They passed a big test in  Anbar, ousting Daesh from the provincial capital, but Baghdad’s security forces have a long way to go By Jane Arraf Almost a month after Iraqi special forces reclaimed Ramadi from Daesh, Iraqi troops are still patrolling the streets and clearing booby-trapped buildings. “Real estate office” reads a hand-lettered metal

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Iraq: The Last Resort

For Sunnis who have fled Daesh in Iraq, sanctuary is hard to find  BY Naina Bajekal Photographs by Moises Saman Not long ago, Lake Habbaniya was a place for weddings and honeymoons, beach parties and family picnics. Just a few hours’ drive west of Baghdad, the lake became a top vacation spot after a luxury resort

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Iran: Riyadh Thrives on Tension Following Severed Ties

DUBAI, Jan 4 – Saudi Arabia used an attack on its embassy in Tehran as a pretext to fuel tensions, Iran’s foreign ministry said on Monday after Riyadh severed diplomatic relations. Iran was committed to protecting its foreign diplomatic missions, the ministry added. Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi embassy in the early hours of Sunday

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