Drivers Take Uber to UK Tribunal in Threat to Business Model

LONDON, July 19 – Two drivers took Uber to a British employment tribunal on Tuesday, arguing that the ride service is acting unlawfully by not offering rights such as holiday and sick pay, in a test case that could force the app to change its business model. Uber, which allows users to book and pay

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Uber, Lyft Settle Litigation Involving Top Executives

By Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO, June 27  – Rival ride services Uber and Lyft have settled high stakes litigation involving two of their top executives, court filings show, in advance of a trial that could have aired sensitive details about both companies. Lyft and its former chief operating officer Travis VanderZanden ended litigation in a

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Spacewalkers Prepare Station for Space Taxi Parking Spots

CAPE CANAVERAL (Reuters)  Two U.S. astronauts wrapped up nearly seven hours of electrical work and maintenance chores outside the International Space Station on Wednesday, part of an ongoing upgrade to prepare the outpost for new commercial space taxis. Station commander Scott Kelly and flight engineer Kjell Lindgren left the station’s airlock around 1230 GMT, the

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