tech crimes

Cybercrime Market Sells Servers for As Little as $6 to Launch Attacks

By Eric Auchard FRANKFURT, June 15 – A major underground marketplace acting like an eBay for criminals is selling access to more than 70,000 compromised servers allowing buyers to carry out widespread cyber-attacks around the world, security experts said on Wednesday. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab, a global computer security firm based in Moscow, said the

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Panama Papers Source Breaks Silence, Denies Being a Spy: German Newspaper

BERLIN, May 6 – Sueddeutsche Zeitung said on Friday that the source of millions of documents leaked to the German newspaper from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca had sent them a manifesto, saying his motivation was the “scale of injustices” the papers revealed. The source had never before publicly stated why he leaked the documents,

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FBI Would Gain New Hacking Power if Search Warrant Rules Change

By Dustin Volz WASHINGTON, April 27 – U.S. judges will be able to issue search warrants giving law enforcement agents power to access computers in any jurisdiction, potentially even overseas, under a controversial rule change likely to be approved by the Supreme Court by May 1. Magistrate judges can normally only order searches within the

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