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Turkey: The Night the Soldiers Came

Turkey’s military took on Erdogan—and lost. Now for the blow back By Shawn Carrié I was in a café on the Anatolian side of Istanbul with two Turkish friends when they both started frantically checking their phones as reports on Twitter started pouring in. Something was happening. Something grave. If we hadn’t had cell phones, we wouldn’t

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After Failed Coup, Erdogan Vows to Build Barracks in Central Istanbul

ISTANBUL, July 19 – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan vowed on Tuesday to revive plans for an Istanbul park that sparked anti-government protests in 2013, saying a failed coup bid would not stop a series of building projects, risking further polarisation in the country. “God willing, first we will build historically appropriate barracks at Taksim, whether

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Turkey Rounds Up Plot Suspects After Thwarting Coup Against Erdogan

By David Dolan and Gulsen Solaker ISTANBUL/ANKARA, July 17 – Turkish authorities rounded up nearly 3,000 suspected military plotters on Saturday and ordered thousands of judges detained after thwarting a coup by rebels using tanks and attack helicopters to try to topple President Tayyip Erdogan. For several hours overnight on Friday violence shook Turkey’s two

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