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U.S. Elections: The Missing Point

Both U.S. presidential candidates must address the Middle East issue OP-ED by Ghanem Nuseibeh While the U.S. presidential election campaign continues to revolve around topics focusing on the character traits of the two presidential hopefuls—Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton—there has been a glaring omission from the first debate. Both nominees failed to have any serious discussion

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Turkey’s Academic Future: A Degree of Uncertainty

Turkey’s higher education makeover drives students’ academic future into uncertainty BY Lorena Rios On July 23, Mira, a 21-year-old international student at Gediz University, was on her way to the pristine beaches of Cesme on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Instead of enjoying her stroll with friends, Mira found her university campus and dormitory had been cordoned off

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Turkey Set to Release 38,000 Prisoners, Makes Space in Jails After Coup

By Daren Butler ISTANBUL, Aug 17 – Turkey will release some 38,000 prisoners under a penal reform announced on Wednesday as the arrests of tens of thousands of people suspected of links to last month’s attempted coup burden overstretched jails. The reform, extending an existing probation scheme, was one of a series of measures outlined

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