Turkish warplanes

Turkish Military Strikes Daesh Targets in Northern Syria

ANKARA, Dec 13  – Turkish warplanes pounded 28 Daesh targets in northern Syria while another 157 targets were hit by artillery and other weaponry in the latest attacks, the army said on Tuesday. The jets hit shelters, vehicles mounted with guns, ammunition depots and other targets in the strikes on Monday in the al-Bab and

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Turkish Jets Hit 39 Daesh Targets, Kills Four Militants – Turkish Army

ANKARA, Dec 10 – Turkish warplanes destroyed 39 Daesh targets and killed four militants in northern Syria, the Turkish army said on Saturday. Turkey’s ramping up of its air strikes in northern Syria are part of Ankara’s almost four-month-old “Euphrates Shield” operation with Turkish-backed rebels, which aims to push the jihadists and Kurdish militia fighters

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