Monster in a Glass Box

For the Arabic version of this story click here BY William Bardenwerper The 12 American soldiers charged with guarding Saddam Hussein while he was tried for some of his many sins knew he was a brutal mass killer. They didn’t know how much his extraordinary last few months would change them Introduction In the summer

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Iran’s President Says US Election Offers Only Bad Or Worse Choice

DUBAI, Oct 23 – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday the choice offered to voters in the U.S. presidential election was between “bad and worse” and that harsh exchanges in the debates pointed to a lack of morality in America, Tehran’s arch adversary. “America claims it has more than 200 years of democracy, and

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U.S. Officials Eye Links Between Weekend Bombings

By Daniel Trotta and Dustin Volz NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, Sept 19 – U.S. investigators on Sunday were studying possible links between a pair of bombs detonated in New York City and New Jersey over the weekend, although no evidence had yet emerged tying the devices to known extremist groups. The country was shaken by a trio

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