UKIP Leader Farage Says He Will Step Down After Brexit Victory

By Kylie MacLellan LONDON, July 4 – The leader of Britain’s anti-European Union UK Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage said on Monday he would stand down after having realized his ambition of winning last month’s referendum in favour of Brexit. “I have never been, and I have never wanted to be, a career politician. My aim

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Brexit: The Aftermath

Britain polarized, markets slide, EU holds its breath.  — Xenophobia on the rise; Cameron out By Ben White In the early hours of Friday morning, Britain woke up to a political and economic earthquake. Asked whether or not the country should remain a member of the European Union (EU), a majority – 52 percent –

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Brexit: Steering Right

Why the politics of dehumanizing Muslims should be viewed with extreme alarm By Nabila Ramdani IT was with ill-contained glee that Donald Trump seized upon the suicide attacks in Brussels to demonize Muslims. Offering no evidence whatsoever, the Republican frontrunner used his first interview on British television since launching his bid for the U.S. presidency

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