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Study Shows Extent of Brain Damage From Zika Infections

CHICAGO  – A report released on Tuesday shows in graphic detail the kind of damage Zika infections can do to the developing brain – damage that goes well beyond the devastating birth defect known as microcephaly, in which the baby’s head is smaller than normal. The current Zika outbreak was first detected last year in

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China’s ‘Mosquito Factory’ Aims to Wipe Out Zika, Other Diseases

GUANGZHOU, China – Every week, scientists in southern China release 3 million bacteria-infected mosquitoes on a 3 km (two-mile) long island in a bid to wipe out diseases such as dengue, yellow fever and Zika. The scientists inject mosquito eggs with wolbachia bacteria in a laboratory, then release infected male mosquitoes on the island on

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Florida Health Dept Investigates Possible Local Zika Transmission

July 19 – Florida health officials said on Tuesday they are investigating a case of Zika virus infection that does not appear to have stemmed from travel to another region with an outbreak. The statement from the Florida Department of Health did not specify whether the Zika case was believed to have been transmitted via

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