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U.S. Immigration Case Could Limit Presidential Power

By James Oliphant WASHINGTON, Jan 21 – The U.S. Supreme Court challenge to President Barack Obama’s immigration policies could have an impact far beyond determining whether millions of undocumented immigrants can remain in the country. The case has the potential to constrain the power of Obama’s successor to bypass Congress and act alone. Should Obama’s

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American Reset?

The next U.S. president will have to take on the Middle East. But do contenders know their Baghdad from their Basra? BY Roshanak Taghavi, Safa Joudeh, Ammar Abdullah, Suadad Al Salhy and Maher Abu Khater It is a truth universally acknowledged that when it comes to the Middle East, pragmatism trumps idealism for U.S. presidents.

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Obama Hopes to Close Guantanamo Jail, Expects Congress Resistance

By Matt Spetalnick MANILA, Nov 19 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama vowed on Thursday to press ahead with the release of his plan on how he hopes to close the Guantanamo military prison but said last week’s Paris attacks would stoke further congressional resistance to his efforts. Obama drew a link between a bid

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