The Cost Of War

Health needs in conflict zones must be addressed BY Dr. Ala Alwan www.twitter.com/WHOEMRO Prior to the current conflict in Syria, immunization rates in the country were among the highest in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. More than 90 percent of Syrian children were vaccinated against diseases like measles and polio and there was no incident of

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Prominent Iraqi Politician Ahmed Chalabi Dies of Heart Attack

BAGHDAD, Nov 3 (Reuters) Ahmed Chalabi, the smooth-talking Iraqi politician who played a role in persuading the United States to topple Saddam Hussein in 2003, died on Tuesday of a heart attack, state television and two parliamentarians said. Haitham Al Jabouri, secretary of parliament’s financial panel, which Chalabi had chaired, said attendants had found him dead in his

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The Curious Case of Yemen’s Alliances: Saleh Vs Houthis

Saleh described his skillful manipulation of Yemeni tribes as ‘dancing over the heads of snakes,’ but did the Snake Charmer finally run out of tricks? Or are the serpents still dancing to his flute? BY Ammar Aulaqi IN THE EARLY morning hours of May 10, 2015, Sana’a was rocked by five consecutive explosions. As clouds of

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