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Women With Dense Breasts May Need Annual Mammograms

By Lisa Rapaport While most older women might not need breast cancer screening with mammography more often than every three years, some women with dense breasts may need mammograms every year, U.S. research suggests. Among women aged 50 to 74, those without a high risk for breast cancer or dense breast tissue didn’t have an

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Men Join Campaigns in India Against FGM Rituals Among the Bohra

By Rina Chandran MUMBAI, March 17  – Men in India and Pakistan are joining a campaign to end female genital mutilation (FGM), adding greater heft to the movement in the deeply patriarchal Dawoodi Bohra community. Little is known about FGM in India where the ritual is carried out in great secrecy by the close-knit Shi’ite

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Of Hope, and of IVF

One woman’s story of her struggle to conceive BY Jumana Al-Darwish In solitude, I await my turn calmly. I am in a state of trance. I sit staring out of the blinds in my hospital room. There’s not much longer to go; in less than 20 minutes, the miracle of science will allow three embryos

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