yemen famine

Veteran aid expert Egeland warns of “Biblical” famine in Yemen

By Tom Miles GENEVA, May 3 – Yemen faces a “famine of Biblical proportions”, veteran aid expert Jan Egeland warned on Wednesday during a visit to the war-battered nation, expressing fury over the failure of the “men with guns and power” to end the crisis. Yemen‘s two years of civil war have pitted the Iran-aligned

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Death of 7-year-old Jamila: Victim of a man-made catastrophe in Yemen

By Abduljabbar Zeyad HODEIDAH, Yemen, May 3 – Eyes half open and sunken deep into their sockets, little Jamila Ali Abdu already looked half dead for most of her 12-day stay at the malnutrition ward ofYemen‘s Hodeidah hospital. Too weak to resist the march of disease and hunger in her war-battered country, the seven-year-old’s tiny

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New Famine Fears Loom in Yemen

By Jonathan Saul, Noah Browning and Mohammed Ghobari LONDON/DUBAI, Oct 5 – Intensive care wards in Yemen’s hospitals are filled with emaciated children hooked up to monitors and drips – victims of food shortages that could get even worse due to a reorganisation of the central bank that is worrying importers. With food ships finding

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