yemeni conflict

The Real War-Torn Yemen

A bleak future awaits Yemenis who’ve been impoverished by armed conflicts By Yasser Rayes  In 2014, Iran-backed Houthi rebels (also known as Ansar Allah) launched an offensive that took over most of northern Yemen, an event which was followed by a series of negotiations under pressure from neighboring countries to back off. One year later, on March

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Six Dead in Aden Suicide Car Bombing

ADEN, Jan 29- Daesh militants claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing outside Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s residence in the southern city of Aden on Thursday that killed at least six people. Officials said Hadi was inside his residence at the Maashiq Palace at the time of the attack but was unharmed. Hadi’s office,

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