Turkey Says Another Russian Jet Has Violated Air Space

Turkey claims Russian warplane violated its air space on Friday despite radar warnings. Relations between Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan (R) and Russia's Vladimir Putin are already suffering following a similar incident in November in which Turkey shot down a Russian warplane for allegedly violating Turkish air space. REUTERS/Kayhan Ozer/Pool

ANKARA, Jan 30 – A Russian SU-34 jet violated Turkish airspace on Friday despite radar warnings, Turkey’s foreign ministry said on Saturday, amid ongoing bitterness between the two countries involved in Syria’s war.

The Russian ambassador was summoned over the incident late on Friday, the statement said, adding that the violation was a clear sign that Russia wanted issues between the two countries to escalate.

“We are making a clear call to the Russian Federation not to violate Turkish airspace, which is also NATO airspace,” the statement said.

“We are emphasizing once again that the unwanted consequences of such irresponsible behaviour will belong fully to the Russian Federation,” it added.

Turkey shot down a Russian warplane in November in an incident that wrecked relations between the two countries. Russia has imposed economic sanctions on Turkey, hitting its tourism and exports.

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