U.S., Allies Conduct 31 Strikes in Syria, Iraq Against Daesh

Iraqi security forces, along with Sunni fighters as well as U.S. and its allies, have been trying to dislodge Daesh militants from various parts of the country. REUTERS/Stringer

WASHINGTON, Nov 10: A U.S.-led coalition conducted 15 strikes against the Islamic State in Syria on Monday, hitting the militant group with bomber, fighter, attack and drone aircraft, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

Forces concentrated on Daesh’s oil supply near Dayr Az Zawr, where six strikes hit gas and oil separation plants and pump stations. Near Al Hawl and Al Hasakah, strikes destroyed a car bomb, 22 fighting positions, a mortar position, a structure and an anti-air artillery piece, according to the statement.

The coalition also attacked Daesh targets in Iraq with 16 strikes conducted by bomber, fighter and attack aircraft. The bombardments were focused on Sinjar, where seven strikes destroyed 30 Islamic State fighting positions, light machine guns and a command and control post, the statements said.

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