World’s Most Expensive Perfume Worth More than $16,500 Draws Crowds in Dubai

With an estimated cost of over $16,500, a bottle of Amore Proibito or ‘Forbidden Love’ by Italian perfumer Simon Cosac captured the attend of crowds at Beautyworld Middle East, an annual beauty exhibition in Dubai featuring traders from over 60 countries.

The perfume, which is bottled in a container made out of 18k gold and encrusted with diamonds, is a signature scent from the Florence-based Italian atelier with floral notes and spicy undertones. The bottle also comes in ruby and emerald versions.


Collectors and fine fragrance lovers can even get the perfume in customized containers, which can be fashioned according to individual tastes and preferences by a dedicated Florentine jeweller.

The atelier offers a personalized service by which the customer can visit the perfumer and stay in Florence while completing the order according to their specific wishes.

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