Copy trading is a popular form of online investing that allows investors to trade on the financial markets in an automated way. It uses algorithms to detect and replicate profitable trades from experienced traders and then executes them for the investor.

Copy trading has become increasingly popular in Australia due to its convenience, low-cost structure, and the potential for high investment returns. However, it also carries some risks, which makes understanding its advantages and drawbacks essential before committing capital to a copy trading platform.


As a copy trader, you will benefit from the experience of more experienced traders with a successful track record, making it easier to pinpoint profitable trading opportunities and avoid unnecessary losses. Furthermore, the automated nature of copy trading allows you to make quick decisions without needing in-depth market analysis or research.


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Copy trading is accessible to anyone with access to an internet connection as it requires no expensive software or hardware. With only basic knowledge of the financial markets, individuals can quickly become involved in copy trading without any prior experience in trading.

Low-Cost Structure

Copy trading is often less expensive than other forms of investing, as most copy trading platforms charge a commission or fee when a trade is placed. It makes it an attractive option for those who may not have the capital to invest in traditional investment methods.

Potential For High Returns

Copy trading offers the potential for higher returns than traditional investments due to its automated nature and the ability to quickly identify and replicate successful trades from more experienced traders. Additionally, with copy trading, there is no need to be concerned about slippage or market volatility which can impact the profitability of trades.

24/7 Access

Copy trading can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location with an internet connection. Therefore, traders can monitor the markets and place trades at any time of day or night.


Copy trading allows investors to diversify their portfolios by copying multiple experienced tradersโ€™ portfolios instead of investing solely in one asset class. It can help reduce risk and increase returns by allowing copy trader to spread their capital across different markets.


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Copy trading is an automated method of investing that allows traders to place trades without needing to constantly monitor the markets or do in-depth market analysis. It benefits busy investors who may need more time or expertise to trade themselves actively.


Although there are many potential advantages to copy trading, there are also some significant drawbacks that traders should consider before investing. Before committing capital to a copy trading platform, copy traders should be fully aware of the risks and potential pitfalls.

Lack Of Control

One of the main drawbacks of copy trading is that it gives up some control over investment decisions, as you rely on someone elseโ€™s experience and knowledge when making your trades. It can mean that you may miss out on potential opportunities due to inexperienced traders copying another inexperienced trader, even though they may be profitable in the long run.

Incorrect Choices

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Copy trading can be risky as you rely on another personโ€™s judgment and knowledge. They may make incorrect choices, leading to financial losses for all parties involved. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly research copy traders before committing capital to ensure they have a good track record of successful trades.

Lack Of Personalisation

Another disadvantage of copy trading is that it does not allow traders to customize their portfolios or tailor strategies according to their individual needs or risk appetite, as trades are automatically copied from the trader being copied. For example, if a trader has a lower risk tolerance, they may not be comfortable with the level of risk taken by the trader they are copying.

Limited Access To Information

Copy trading does not provide traders access to detailed market analysis or trade reports, which can help make informed investment decisions. It means that copy traders may not have all the necessary information to make an informed decision before placing a copy trade, which could lead to losses.

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