Every business has overhead, but it can be difficult to figure out exactly how much yours can have before it eats into your profits significantly. To calculate the ideal overhead percentage, it’s best if you check out other businesses in your industry and take the average of 5 of them.

After doing this calculation, maybe you’ve realized that your small business has too much overhead. A good way to lower this number is to go green, as it’ll reduce your carbon footprint too!

Read on for a quick energy-saving tip guide for businesses.

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Your business probably deals with invoices and other documents. Printing out all these things not only wastes ink, but it also wastes paper. Not to mention, you need to account for the energy used by your printers.

Going paperless can eliminate all the above problems in one fell swoop. You’ll save energy and money by investing in software that allows you to save all important files on the cloud.

Go Solar

If your small business uses up a lot of electricity, or if you work from home, then consider running on solar power. It might take a huge sum of money upfront to pay for it, but in the end, it’ll increase your business energy efficiency.

Interested in hearing more? Then talking to a company like Blue Raven might be a good idea, as they’ll be able to suggest the right solar panel system for your budget and needs. They can also point you in the right direction for tax credits and other incentives.

Have Your HVAC System Maintained Regularly

Have Your HVAC System Maintained Regularly

If you’ve already got an Energy Star HVAC system, then great! You’re already saving tons of energy and can consider yourself a green business.

But to keep being green, you need to have your system maintained on a schedule. For example, the air filter needs to be changed to ensure the unit isn’t working harder than it needs to. As well as furnace maintenance in Toronto is important to keep your heating system running efficiently and safely. And other small things need to be tuned up for the same reason.

Plant Trees Around Your Business

Trees can help block out the sun during the day and protect against cold winter winds. Plus, they can provide you with some extra privacy.

Another added benefit is that trees can make your business more appealing, especially if it’s just all concrete.

Use Power Management Software

Use Power Management Software

Many small businesses rely heavily on devices. But what’s great about them is nowadays, they come preinstalled with power management features. For instance, you can set your computer to go into sleep mode after so many minutes of inactivity.

For everything else that doesn’t have preinstalled power management features, there are plenty of choices when it comes to software.

Use This Energy-Saving Tip Guide to Improve Your Operations

Now that you’ve read this energy-saving tip guide, you’re on your way to running your business more efficiently. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save the environment too!

If you want more green tips for businesses, then check out the rest of our blog page now!

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