April 13th Issue

Somalia: Hope Springs

Drought-hit Somalia reaches a tipping point By Sagal Abshir Fatima Jibrell’s bleak outlook is evident. “We have no drinking water in Badhan today.” For the pastoralists of Somalia, only dirty, expensive water is for sale, brought in over dirt roads by truck in the scorching heat. Not a single one of the four boreholes in her small village are working. There is a drought in the Horn of Africa. Four successive rains have failed. Jibrell, an award-winning environmental activist, has the wise commanding presence of an elder and the shining eyes of an idealist. She is also a date farmer in Badhan, a small village 40 kilometers away from the Gulf of Aden, about halfway between Djibouti to the west and the tip of the Horn of Africa to the east. It abuts a region claimed both by Puntland State of Somalia to its right, and by the independence-seeking region of Somaliland to its left. But at this moment, borders and politics do not (Read More)

Inside Cover

Canada: A Helping Hand

A Lebanese-Canadian entrepreneur has pledged jobs for Syrian refugees By Jillian Kestler-D’Amours For Mohamad Fakih, everything changed after his visit…


Brexit: Steering Right

Why the politics of dehumanizing Muslims should be viewed with extreme alarm By Nabila Ramdani IT was with ill-contained glee…

Business: The Week Ahead

It is all about inflation and oil BY Nour Eldeen Al Hammoury Global markets are still witnessing a period of…

Down Time

A Fitbit for Your Brain

Neuroscientists think they’re close to their holy grail: reading the human mind BY Betsy Isaacson Every time you blink, think…