A recent survey found that 89% of companies have a remote work policy or are considering one. Remote workers overwhelmingly prefer a fully remote or hybrid working style.

You can make remote work more productive for your employees and more profitable for your business. Most Microsoft products have the capacity for remote work built-in. These features are called remote desktop services (RDS).

These servicesΒ let you access your computer or server from another location. You can access your desktop as well as Windows applications with RDS.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using RDS.

Better Data Security

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Having remote workers can create data security challenges. Users may copy data to their personal devices or use public filesharing services. They may delay making important security updates.

Remote desktop services improve your data security. You benefit from encryption and firewalls. You can enable two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can access your resources.

Your data is stored securely in the cloud. If an end user’s device fails, your data is safe.

Less Downtime

Downtime has serious consequences for your business. Your productivity and profits suffer. You can lose clients.

Remote desktop services give you more redundancy and resilience. RDS solutions are implemented in data centers with a robust infrastructure. You benefit from failover mechanisms and other techniques to prevent downtime.

You can also deploy the same RDS solution across several servers.

More Flexibility

Remote desktop services allow your employees to work securely from anywhere with an internet connection. They can access their computer and files as though they were in the office.

Employees get a unified application experience from any device. They can get the same access even with a non-Windows device.

Stay Up-to-Date

Remote desktop services keep your software up-to-date. You know that every employee is using the latest version of your applications. The desktop services provider keeps your software current and secure.

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You can use a central update strategy to be sure your employees are using the latest versions. Staying updated is another way to improve your data security.

Lower Costs

Remote desktop services help you lower your costs. You need less IT infrastructure. Your operations costs are also lower.

You can access your data from any device, so you don’t need to buy multiple devices. You may be able to continue using legacy devices. These older devices can perform like new when you use RDS.

Simple Implementation

Installing and using Microsoft remote desktop is simple. You can install applications on a central server. Your remote workers can then log on and use them from their own devices.

Licensing is straightforward. Each remote worker or device that connects to RDS needs a client access license. You only pay for the remote access you need.

Easy Scalability

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Your data and processing requirements change with your business. Remote desktop services let you scale quickly.

You can react to sudden surges during peak hours. And you can adjust for other changes in demand, such as seasonality.

Take Advantage of Remote Desktop Services for Your Remote Workers

Remote desktop services have many benefits for your business. You gain security and flexibility. You minimize downtime and reduce costs.

RDS is an advantage for you and your remote workers. Implementation is simple. You can start enjoying the benefits today.

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