Your bathroom is an escape. Your own personal hide-away in the comfort of your own home. Making sure that your bathroom feels luxurious is key to creating that spa-like feeling. There are a few things that you could do to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, such as dimming your lighting, choosing natural, warming colours, or experimenting with a centrepiece.

1. Chrome radiators

Chrome radiators

If you’re looking for a striking addition to your bathroom this year, it doesn’t come much chicer than a chrome radiator. Whilst you might love your traditional, reliable double panel radiators to keep you warm and cosy, maybe you’re ready for a change? Chrome radiators are perfect if there’s a bare wall you need to decorate, you could even make it your centrepiece. They are available in all sizes to suit your space, tall or horizontal. Maximum flexibility without compromising on style.

2. Wet rooms & walk-in showers

It’s not just luxury hotels that have these plush features – you could have your very own in your bathroom too! Walk-in showers and wet rooms are growing in popularity in homes this year, giving your bathroom a feeling of real sanctuary and relaxation. Without the need for a bathtub, wet rooms and walk-in showers are a good way to open the space in your room. They are practical, suit a very minimalist and clean style, and help to emphasise wellness.

3. Stand-alone tubs

Stand-alone tubs

If you love your bath and couldn’t quite see yourself living without one, choosing a freestanding bath for your tub can achieve a level of spa-like luxury. These tubs are a modern addition to any bathroom, with a range of different designs available to choose from – do you like rounded edges or squared-off detailing? With or without feet? Chrome or matte fittings? There’s something to suit all aesthetics with stand-alone baths focussing on pleasing designs.

4. Soft lighting

You want your bathroom to feel like a relaxing haven in your home. We all know how uncomfortable it is to walk into your bathroom when it’s still dark in the morning and you become dazzled by the LED lights. Adding bulbs or spotlights with softer, yellow tones or even installing a dimmer switch can help to create that serene vibe. Lights behind mirrors are becoming increasingly popular – they allow a bright light so that you can see to shave or brush teeth but can also be used to softly light up the room when you want to relax.

5. Natural colours

Natural colours

In 2021, pops of bright colour in bathrooms became popular. This year, we’re choosing something a little more subtle. It is said that more of us are opting for more muted, natural colours for our bathrooms. Sages and warm blues can bring a sense of peace and harmony to our homes, which is what we all what when relaxing in our bathroom. Optimism is in style this year, along with calming, comforting tones. Which would you choose to create your perfect sanctuary?

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