More than 2 billion people visit Instagram every month. Here they spend a lot of time watching their favorite creators and their lives. For some, this resource is just a great place for entertainment, but for others it is a real place of work. If you are planning (or have already started) to make yourself known online and become an influential person, then you should have an idea of how to develop your account and increase reach.

Improving your online presence isn’t as easy as it may seem at first glance. This requires your full involvement in the process – publishing a couple of interesting posts is not enough to attract enough people to the content. The competition is high and it is hard to stand out from the crowd, but using the right methods, you’ll be able to achieve amazing results in the shortest possible time. In this article, we’ll talk about 3 proven and effective methods of attracting an audience, including the opportunity to buy followers on Instagram. By investing in your account, you significantly improve its visibility and become more competitive. We’ll tell you about this and other options in detail below.

Instagram Follower Gaining Tips

  • Hashtags

Use Hashtags on Every Post

Don’t underestimate niche and right tags – keywords influence who sees your posts. By using the right tags to your posts, you can increase their visibility and get more cherished red hearts and comments. Despite the fact that you can write quite a lot of keywords (about 30), we would recommend not turning publications into an advertising canvas. The best solution is to choose 7-10 niche tags that are relevant to your blog and the target audience.

Don’t use high-frequency words, publications with such tags are often lost among thousands of others. Experiment with tags – combine them with each other so that after a while you can choose only those that have a positive effect on audience engagement.


Be ready to invest in your online future if your goal is to achieve virality and expand your fanbase as much as possible and faster. Promotion companies offer many different packages (likes, comments, saves, and so on), but what you need first is to buy Instagram followers. You see, the more regular viewers you have, the more confident and attractive you look in the eyes of potential fans. People are used to evaluating others by their achievements, so you need to take care of the solid appearance of the page and your image in advance.

But don’t overdo it – at the initial stage, it’ll be enough to get only a few hundred real subs. This way your growth on the platform will look organic and natural; users will definitely not see the catch. After a few days (or a week), you can repeat the purchase or even choose a special package with regular delivery, this’ll free up a lot of time for creativity and finding inspiration.

  • Cross Promotion


Your content should be outside of one resource if you want to attract as many interested viewers as possible. We wouldn’t recommend you to limit yourself to one platform and rely entirely on Instagram algorithms.

Promote your publications everywhere: upload Reels on TikTok and YouTube Shorts, publish text posts to Twitter and Facebook. This is necessary for the visibility of you as a creator – the more posts mentioning your page, the higher the probability of getting new fans and becoming more famous in the community.

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