Administration work is an essential part of each and every business. However, according to research, up to 15 weeks are wasted on ‘pointless’ tasks every year. This is a huge amount of wasted time that is far better invested in achieving productive business tasks. One very effective way to reduce such wastage is by automating a lot of repetitive manual work.

Fortunately, there are many innovative solutions available that have been created with the sole aim of enhancing business productivity. Mobile forms and checklists are an effective way to achieve this.

So, how can your business can benefit from mobile forms and checklists? Read on to learn more!

1. Improves efficiency

Improves efficiency

Specialist field management software applications, such as Jobber, are effective at enhancing business efficiency. For contracting businesses, within the HVAC or plumbing industry, for example, job site details and inspection forms ensure that quality standards are maintained for every customer visit.

Custom checklists leave little room for error and are effective at standardizing workflows so that team members can achieve accountability and autonomy in getting every job done right first time. According to top software testing companies, ensuring the best quality of service for every site visit has the effect of driving efficiency and productivity for operations.

2. Reduces multi-tasking

Mobile forms are designed to automate the process of gathering and storing information. Investing in job management software means your employees will be able to access the information they need when they need it.

Once such business processes can be achieved to an agreed standard consistently, you can begin to focus your energy on expanding and growing your business further.

3. Promotes organization

Checklists can be used by businesses to pass critical data to field technicians in real-time. This information includes, but is not limited to, the tasks that need to be completed and all the necessary procedures that should be followed.

With custom checklists that are properly configured, it is possible to achieve consistency and accountability across your business operations.

Ensures fast data collection

4. Ensures fast data collection

One thing that will determine your success in the field, especially with the current level of competition, is how fast you collect and act on a piece of information. Fortunately, mobile forms enhance that side of your business and ensure that your data collection process is as quick as possible. All you have to do is invest in a reliable system that will allow your technicians to record data and send it back to the servers immediately.

So, what are the benefits of fast data collection? For one, it allows you to make essential decisions on time and improve customer experience. As such, you will continuously improve your operations and remain competitive in the market. Relaying this information with such speed also quickens the invoicing process, which ensures that you get paid within the desired timelines.


Providing value to customers

Mobile forms and checklists are designed to enhance your operations by keeping your team organized and efficient. With a click of a button, your technicians can send you real-time details regarding any given project. You can also relay essential information to your workers through checklists. This consistency and ability to maintain quality standards allow you to boost productivity across all departments. So, if you are a field service business and haven’t invested in a management software tool, now is the time to do so.

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