Asset and wealth management has always relied on traditional and orthodox measures. Only in the last couple of years have companies started to shift paradigms in understanding the potential of a cloud-based investment management software. As most investment managers started realizing that relying on internal servers for data storage and management is not the best option, they shifted to cloud-based solutions.

But, cloud-based platforms are always associated with a risk factor owing to data security concerns. Nevertheless, professional service providers like INDATA guarantee data security above everything else.

Over the years, cloud technology has undergone different changes and developments. Today, it has evolved and become more secure than ever. Similarly, its uses and applications have also grown considerably, thus making managers, investors, and supervisors choose them over traditional solutions.

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Top Features of Cloud-based Investment Management Software


1. Tracking Multiple Investments

Companies designing investment management software make a dedicated dashboard to track, allocate and evaluate clientsโ€™ holdings in different sectors such as futures, equities, portfolios, etc.

2. Portfolio Performance Tracking

The software enables users to create a portfolio analysis report. With the report, your company can analyze, compare and forecast how an individual portfolio performs against industry benchmarks.

3. Easy Data Importing

Investment management software also provides data-importing options in an effortless manner. Companies can import their holdings and transactions from a wide range of sources like social media feeds, new channels, etc.

4. Understand Benchmarks

Companies can assess and analyze their portfoliosโ€™ performance based on benchmarks and market results.

5. Financial Risk Management

The investment management software will also provide in-depth insights to your company after detecting, measuring, and monitoring different investments across different sectors.

Cloud-based Software

Top Benefits of Investment Management Software

There are a lot of benefits associated with these types of software, the top ones being –

Enhanced Decision Making

As companies get real-time data through reports and the primary dashboard, it gives investment managers a chance to make enhanced investment decisions. With the help of the insights, companies can examine and identify flaws and gaps in their investments. Besides that, they can also optimize their future strategies to make more educated decisions.

Advanced Risk Management

Every business organization needs a capable and reliable risk management system that helps them reduce risks. In this case, the investment management software will make companies understand how to strike a balance between risky and rewarding investments. Most service providers design the software in a way that they compare risk models to identify which assets can prove to be vulnerable or yield low returns.

Saves Time

Cloud-based investment management systems clearly offer better benefits than traditional means. The first reason is that system upgrades are rolled out periodically by the service provider. So, user disruption rates stay at the minimum.

Cloud Software

Besides, staying updated with the latest technologies and software versions guarantee functionality improvements. That means your company can receive faster and more accurate data. It will definitely help in processing complex calculations like risk analytics and attributions.

Final Words

Professional service providers like INDATA design their software in a way that is user-friendly for managers. Such a service provider also ensures that the software overcomes all data and IT challenges. Only then will the application be trustworthy and reliable to companies using it. Look for professional service providers based on your companyโ€™s requirements and needs.

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